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Case No: 12/00458/FULEIA Officer name: Glen Henry
Applicants name: Mr Alfredo Lietti Applicants Address: Burmeister And Wain Scandanavian Contractor A/S Gydevang 35 PO Box 235 DK-3450 Allerod Denmark
Agents name: Mr Tim Perkins Agents Address: RPS Planning And Development RPS 2420 The Quadrant Aztec West Almondsbury Bristol BS32 4AQ
Details of proposal: Proposed development and erection of a wood fuelled Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant and ancillary infrastructure development at Stobart Park/3MG Formerly West Bank Dock Comprising Land To The East Of Desoto Road East And To The West Of Foundry Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 OPE
Ward: Riverside
Status: Application Permitted  Date Received 22 October 2012
Date Valid: 22 October 2012 Comment Between 22 October 2012 and 15 November 2012       Comment Now
8 Week Target Date 11 February 2013 Decision Date 04 April 2013
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